Our Team

Kimberly McGlonn, Ph.D. 
Founder & CEO

I've always been a defender of civil and human rights, probably because activism and advocacy lived in the lives and conversations of my parents. But beyond that, growing up Black in Milwaukee, a girl raised Muslim- I developed a deep sense of compassion for everyone. No doubt, my love for diversity and story and tradition, my affection for humanity, has also been nurtured by my travels around the world. And these collective experiences and insights into the beauty of humanity absolutely color everything about my sense of fashion. I was inspired to launch Grant Blvd because I was determined to be of service to not only marginalized people, but also to the planet. This is why our launch collection uses no new fabric and no new water. Ultimately, this is the mission of Grant Blvd- to make clothes that are undeniably and reliably stylish, and to create garments with deep roots in the fight for justice and reform. But as the creative director of this brand, for me sustainability also means creating green collar jobs- that means remaining committed to hiring returning citizens and teaching them both how to sew and how to live balanced, healthy. whole lives. I believe that we if demand more, if we think differently about not only what we buy, but who we buy from, we have the power to challenge not only the social issues exacerbated by mass incarceration, but to more meaningfully address climate change. 

Vada Gray
Pattern Maker & Product Developer

I've been working as a seamstress for over 10 years. My passion for fashion design first emerged when I was a young girl and love led me into the production of one-of-a-kind, couture evening gowns.  As a production seamstress, sample maker and pattern maker I really love the satisfaction her customers experience when they see the quality of my work and their recognition of the personal care I put into each and every one of my garments.



Madelynne Juenger
Graphic Design Leader

Hi everyone! I'm in my senior at Drexel University studying Graphic Design and Fine Art. My interest in fashion was sparked when I began to view clothing as “wearable art” and then grew when I learned about the importance of sustainability in the industry. I am so excited to use design as a platform to spread positivity and awareness around the things I'm incredibly passionate about, especially the mission behind Grant Blvd. Above all, I hope that my visual designs will bring about the same sense of encouragement and empowerment that the clothing of Grant Blvd provides to its wearers. 


Alessandra DiSalvo
Fashion/Style Intern

Above all, I'm a passionate woman. To me, style is an expression of who we are. My love for assembling unique outfits stems from my obsession with leopard print at that the age of 5 and always thrifting with my father. But beyond that, I grew up surrounded by family members, generations of them, who appreciated styles as a source of artistic expression. Ever since I was a kid I loved to play with colors, textures, and bold patterns. My goal is to always create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reflect truth and beauty. I aim to style Grant Blvd's reclaimed, re-purposed clothing to show you that you can absolutely be sustainable and stylish at the same time!

Claire Williams 
Communications Intern

Hi y'all! I'm a sophomore at McGill University studying gender studies and history. My interest in fashion dates back to my times in thrift stores as a child! I was just a wee gremlin running between racks and mixing prints that should've never been near each other. My sense of style has certainly mellowed out since then, but I still like to believe I retain some of that whimsy and ridiculousness in my everyday outfits. As a gender studies major, the intersection of feminism and sustainability at Grant Blvd appealed to me so much. The history of feminism is so deeply rooted in environmentalism. Oppression of women and the earth have been parallel for years, notably under all forms of colonialism. Our strong female team, sustainable tactics and beautiful fashion are here to combat oppressive forces against women, poverty and our planet.